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Mourvèdre – The Beast!


(mow-ved-ra): In the industry, we call it mow-ved. It’s a red Rhone varietal which means it loves to grow in arid, Mediterranean climates. It’s a fickle varietal to grow, however, and not for the faint-of-heart winegrower!

It’s got it all: Color, density, tannins, richness and described often as gamey & fruity. It can also harbor some odd characteristics: Farmyard, high alcohol and sulfur.

I liken it to having athleticism:

  • On it’s own, with very capable coaching, er winemaking, Mourvèdre can be an outstanding, BIG, stand-alone wine!
  • But I think that this is a varietal that performs better on a team. It plays well with others. Especially with other Rhone varietals. My all-star Rhone team would consist of Grenache, Syrah and, oh yes, Mourvèdre!

Walk on the wild side and give Mourvèdre a try. Alone or in a blend it’s a beast you’ll want to tame!

I think this video says it all…

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  1. My all-star Rhone team would slumped bottles consist of Grenache, Syrah and, oh yes, Mourvèdre!

  2. Hmmm…What cheeses pair well on slumped bottles of Rhones?

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